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'Africa' by Ariel Vargassal

'Africa' by Ariel Vargassal

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'With the advances in science and DNA research, it is proven that modern day humans trace their origins in Africa. The painting is a metaphor of the concept of the Mother of humanity, and also plays with the whimsical question of our origins: who came first, the chicken or the egg? 

A reminder of no matter how far we have moved, we all share the same origin.'

Height: 60 in
Width: 36 in

About the artist: 

 Ariel Vargassal was born into a richly mixed culture within a Mexican family. These cultural singularities introduced Ariel to undeniable senses of style. He always leaned towards the arts and when he did not mold small clay sculptures, he turned to countless drawings in his notebook.

       Ariel has showcased his artwork in major cities across the United States, he has also had many shows around the globe in cities such as Madrid, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Mexico and Japan. He is a member of the Los Angeles Art Association, one of the oldest and most prestigious art associations on the West Coast. 

   In 2017  Ariel was named best Artist in Los Ángeles, and was chosen to represent California in SCOPE Miami. At ART BASEL, “Artisan Series”, a sponsored venue by Bombay Sapphire, of among more than 8,000 artists Ariel was named number 2, positioning Vargassal as one of the best new names in the Art World across North America.

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