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"Balzac" By Scott Ross

"Balzac" By Scott Ross

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The title of the piece references a sculpture by Auguste Rodin "Monument to Balzac" who was a famous French novelist.  Rodin set out to sculpt the spirit and creativity of the man instead of a direct likeness of the writer. My sculpture, in its form, visually references Rodin's form. The table form that the ceramic portion is based on is designed off of a classic stonecarving table.  As with all of my sculptures, I seek to represent the energy, action and vitality of the creative act, imbued with meaning and idea. This piece was fired for twelve days in an anagama style kiln.


Brutalist Wood-Fired Ceramic Sculpture On Wood Stand By Scott Ross

     Height : 64"

     Depth : 19"

     Width : 17"

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