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Gabriella Crespi Table

Gabriella Crespi Table

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Gabriella Crespi Bamboo & Brass Adjustable 3-Tier Table   

Gabriella Crespi

Rising Sun 1973-1975

Lotus Leaves 1975 Side Accent Table

'Throughout her career Gabriella Crespi has experimented with the most diverse range on materials. From metals to stone, from plexiglass to bamboo. A versatility handled in her own way. Setting cold, reflective surfaces of metal alongside the warm and snug textures of rattan and achieving results of equal preciousness.
In this special thematic artwork, Gabriella Crespi treats nature symbolically, and the sun, figurative and emblematic focus of this theme, becomes a totem. A whole collection made of bamboo, a material much loved by Crespi, that unites strength and flexibility. Among this collection are the famous "fungo" mushroom-shaped lamps (1973).
Fan Shapes made of bamboo stems irradiating from a central golden sun, also decorate chairs, trays, a beautiful cradle, wide screens and a large elliptical dining table, designed along the same lines as the "Puzzle Table" and thus infinitely extendible.'

This is a striking, collectible, undeniable piece for any collector of the work.
In beautiful condition
Highly Collectible
Extremely Rare

     Height : 16.5 in

     Width : 40 in

     Depth : 29 in

Note that this table can be fashioned to these measurements at it’s widest point. It can also be condensed to be smaller at the measurements below

     Height : 16.5 in

     Width : 22 in

     Depth : 26 in

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