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Citrine Generator Cluster Crystal Lid Gardenia Candle

Citrine Generator Cluster Crystal Lid Gardenia Candle

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THREESIX9 Creates Hand-Made Concrete Vessels with Unique One-Of-A-Kind Lids

Each vessel is Created by Hand, Hand Poured, Hand Dyed, Hand Set

The base of the container measures 4-1/2” high & has a 5” diameter

This Candle Features a Citrine Crystal Generator Cluster Crystal on the lid.  The Crystal is a very Unique and Rare Formation.  The Crystal measures 5" Wide x 4" Deep x 5” tall giving the candle an overall height of 10” with the lid

The scent is a beautifully fragrant hand poured Gardenia 

Mixed with Essential Oils this Scent is Exclusive to ThreeSix9

The approximate burn time for this candle is 72 hours

27 oz

Each candle is unique to itself and there will never be any two exactly the same

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