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Rare Mango Quartz Crystal Lid Candle

Rare Mango Quartz Crystal Lid Candle

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Mango Quartz is a very rare variety of Quartz that was recently discovered in the region of Boyaca, Columbia.

It’s crystal formations are like the usual Quartz structures; needle-like, prismatic, & double terminated.

The unearthed specimens contain a completely natural orangish-yellow pigment that is located in the crystals’ points.

The mineralization of this crystal occurred in a bed of Limestone that aged around 66-100.5 million years ago. The overall process of the Quartz forming took an estimated 33 million years.

THREESIX9 Creates Hand-Made Concrete Vessels with Unique One-Of-A-Kind Lids

Each vessel is hand dyed and poured.

The base of the container measures 4” high & has a 4” diameter

The scent is a beautifully fragrant hand poured Gardenia 

The approximate burn time for this candle is 63 hours

Each candle is unique to itself and there will never be any two exactly the same

This Candle Features a Beautiful Rare Mango Quartz Crystal Cluster on the lid -  The Crystal Cluster measures 3-3/4” Wide & 3" Tall giving the candle an overall height of 7-1/2” with the Lid

These candles are made & poured by hand entirely in California with Crystals, Stones, & Findings from around the world!

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