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“Palomar” Large Sculpture By Scott Ross

“Palomar” Large Sculpture By Scott Ross

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This piece is named in reference to birds and their home structures.  Specifically a dove and their loft or coop. The sculpture is solid porcelain and based upon concrete block and wood in reference to urban development and housing construction. The sculpture is formed by ramcasting a wooden form with clay and then drafting the wood form off the artwork.  This technique and hard angle finish is used in casting concrete in Brutalist Architecture, lending a constructed and architectonic aesthetic to the sculpture. This piece was fired for eight days in an anagama style kiln.

Large Brutalist Sculpture Made of Wood-Fired Porcelain (Ceramic) with Natural Ash Glaze, Steel, Concrete & Wood.


     Height : 54'

     Width : 15'

     Depth :  15'

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