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3.5 Billion Year Old Stromatolite Fossil Large Sphere

3.5 Billion Year Old Stromatolite Fossil Large Sphere

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Stromatolite Fossil Sphere

Fossils of the earliest known stromatolites, about 3.5 billion years old, are found about 1,000km north, near Marble Bar in the Pilbara region. With Earth an estimated 4.5 billion years old, it's staggering to realize we can witness how the world looked at the dawn of time when the continents were forming

Stromatolites were rock-like buildups of microbial cyanobacteria mats that formed in limestone and were the predominant form of life on early earth for more than 2 billion years. Stromatolites were responsible for the creation of earth's atmospheric oxygen, consuming CO2 and releasing O2 through their photosynthetic metabolism.

Stromatolite is a stone of transformation assisting healing at an emotional level. Stromatolite gently removes blockages within the meridians and chakra.

Stromatolite is a good meditation aid assisting with past life recall. Stromatolite teaches the purpose of life on Earth and our part in it.

Very Unique Layering in the Sphere

     Circumference: 22.5

     Diameter: 7"

18.13 LBS

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